TTfone TT750 Lunar RED + CB4 + O2


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Uniquely Designed Elderly easy to Use Phone

The TT750 is the all-rounder among the TTfone mobile phones. Not only does it boast large keys that are easy to press but also comes with an easy-to-read colour display, extra powerful speakers, a built-in camera and SOS emergency call function.

Big Buttons for clear view along with Clamshell Design

The TTfone Lunar TT750 is designed from the ground up to be as easy as possible to get the hang of. The buttons on the keypad are larger than those on a normal phone and also have a more grippy finish to make them easier to press.

Dual Screen Lunar comes with a Dock Charger

The TT750 steals the show with its sophisticated design and overview. The device has an external display. This provides all important information without having to open the flip cover of the phone. Not only the name of the caller is displayed but also shows if you have missed a call, received a new message or the battery is close to becoming completely discharged.

Emergency Calls with the press of one button

The emergency call button is located on the back side of the device. You can save five telephone numbers from the directory there. If you need prompt assistance, you only need to press this button. The numbers saved are called automatically.

TTfone places great emphasis on being able to use the device easily and safely. The Lunar comes with a desktop charger apart from the standard mains plug charger and this eliminates the problem of fiddling with cables and wires in order to get the phone charged. One just needs to place the phone on the charging dock or cradle just like a cordless phone. In this manner, it always has a fix place at your home and you can be sure that is ready to use at any time. The Lunar has an integrated camera. You can use this camera to take snapshots quickly and then use them as the background screen, send them to friends and family via Bluetooth or transfer them to the computer with the data cable supplied. The camera is easy to use without you having to spend a long time searching for the feature in the menu.

The Lunar keeps you better organized with features you use in daily lives like:

* Calendar
* Calculator
* Alarm Clock
* Predictive Text
Unlocked - Please note this phone will not work on the Three (3) and Three partnered networks like ID and SMARTY.