Hexagon Walk-in 3-Tier Portable Greenhouse, ?194x225H cm


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Extend your seeding and growing season with this walk-in green house from Outsunny. The greenhouse allows a head start for growing your plants helping them survive various seasons. The steel frame is durable, maintenance fee and rust-resistant allowing peace of mind and concentrate on your plants. The screen ventilation helps air allowing and reduce internal temperature on warm days.


  • The walk-in greenhouse is an ideal way to carry on your plant growing from one season to another.
  • Designed of 15 wired shelves, 3 tiers to allow more room for plant storage.
  • Ideal for extending your seeding and growing season.
  • Designed with Zipped roll-up door for easier assess, rust-resistant tube frame for stability and screened ventilation for improved air circulation
  • Includes Stakes and tether for better stability.