Heat Holders - Snowy Retreat - Girls Hat & Mittens

Heat Holders

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Heat Holders Girls Snowy Retreat Hats And Mittens

Children love winter, but without the right hat and gloves, they can quickly get too cold to enjoy it! The Heat Holders range of children’s thermal hats, mittens and gloves will keep them warm whatever the weather.

With hi-tech HeatWeaver® thermal lining to keep kids warm even in the very coldest conditions, this range of hats and mittens are warm, comfortable, and stylish!

For active kids, there are stylish hats and gloves to keep your child's ears warm no matter how long they stay outside!

This range of girls hats and mittens features Heatweaver insulation which is a plush fur-like lining that maximises the amount of warm air held close to the skin, keeping your kids heads, ears and hands warmer for longer!

Heat Holders are recognised for their incredibly warm use of materials especially, their developed thermal yarn which provides high performance insulation against cold with superior moisture breathing abilities.

Crafted with stretchable construction, these hats and mittens contours around the natural shape of your child's head and hands for a better, improved fit.

If you're looking to keep your daughter warm with the perfect Winter essentials, these hats and mittens will do just the trick! Featuring striped colours and designs, these matching hats and gloves are lined with soft thermal inner brushed lining that maximises warmth and comfort. The mittens have a long turn over cuff enabling your child to adjust the length of the mitten around your wrist.

The flappy ears fit loosely yet comfortably around the ears to retain heat and warmth close to the skin.

Extra Product Details

- Girls Hats and Mittens
- Snowy Retreat Style
- Heat Holders Yarn
- Heat Holders Brushing
- Heat Holders Insulation
- Pom Pom Detail
- Matching Hats and Glove
- 3 Colours
- 3-6 Years