8 Pack Mens Work Socks Bundle

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8 Pack Mens Work Socks Bundle

If you’re working outdoors on a regular basis and in need of durability and comfort no matter what hard graft you do but you’re not sure what socks “work” for you then why not consider this Work Socks Bundle that’s hand picked by us!

The information of each style can be found below…
3 Pack Bamboo Work Socks
One of our best sellers! Provides comfort while walking around on your feet for long periods of time. The bamboo makes them breathable and wicks away moisture to leave feet odour free and dry. Great for the warm summer months.
1 Pack Blueguard Anti Abrasion Socks
Scientifically proven to last 46 times as long as standard sports socks. These heavy duty socks are engineered for life. Blueguard’s impressive record is down to its anti-abrasion durability yarn, engineered for ultimate strength and durability.
3 Pack Ankle Ultimate Work Socks
Great for wearing with steel toe capped boots and industrial boots as for their reinforced heel and toe. This is as well as their full terry cushioning which will absorb sweat and keep feet protected during a hard day of work. Their reinforced terry loops, smooth toe seam and cotton fibres make for a strong, soft and comfortable hard wearing sock!
1 Pack Heat Holders Workforce Socks
Combining the Heat Insulation Innovation of Heat Holders and the extreme durability of Workforce to create the best winter work sock going! The specially developed fibres provide insulation against cold with superior moisture wicking abilities. A soft brushed inner fabric maximises the amount of warm air held inside for all day warmth and comfort!

These socks are a set of 8 pairs in total and come in Men’s 6-11 UK & 12-14 UK. They are Machine Washable.

Extra Product Details

8 Pack Work Set
Made For Outdoor Work
Value For Money
Styles for All Seasons
Soft & Comfortable Styles
Strong & Durable Socks
Convenient Shopping
Men’s: 6-11 UK & 12-14 UK
Machine Washable