The Bailey Fair Isle - White on Red

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Introduced in 2021, the Bailey Fair Isle in Red on White. A subtle Festive Dog Jumper with a twist - it's not just for Christmas day!

  • Fits all breeds, sizes and shapes of dog
  • Long Body
  • Strengthened Neck
  • Leg socks

Currently available in White on Red and Gold on Navy. Available from 1st August 2022 in Tdeal on Grey. 

Available from Mid September ​

Before making a purchase please kindly refer to the size chart attached to the images to make sure the correct fit for your dog is chosen.

Choose the right fit: 
Dogs come in all sizes and shapes - between and within breeds. 
We size dog jumpers based on the 
back length and chest girth - not breed. These measures recognise a dog's right to freedom of breath, movement and toilet.
Please use a tape measure and measure (in cms) body length and chest girth.