Pit Balls Multicolour 400 pcs


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The ultimate active play for kids and toddlers. Encourage the sensory development of your child while playing with Straame PlayBalls. The different colours and shaded of the set will allow your kids to start identifying colours, improve their hand-eye coordination and develop your baby's strength and fine motor skills as they crawl, walk, or run after these small squeezable Play Ball. With no sharp edges or chemical products these playballs are completely safe for your delicate baby’s skin, Learning and playing can go together! This set will bring hours of entertainment for your toddler. Our Straame playball set is suitable for all types of play, from catch games to ball pits. Available in three different set of colours; White and Blue, Multi-Coloured, or Pink and Baby Pink; Straame small ball pits balls have more uses than you could imagine. Your little ones can dive into a pool of them in any Ball Pit, Paddling Pool or Playmat. Thanks to their perfect size (5.5 cm of diameter), Straame Playballs are ideal for any toddler's hand. Lightweight, crush-proof with soft ends. Made of high-quality chemical-free material, the balls are air-filled with a polished finish for the kids' safety. Bullet Points BALL PITS BALLS FOR BABIES: Stimulate your child’s sensory development and create new and exciting experiences for them; the multipurpose Straame Playballs can be used in a wide range of ways. Super easy to clean, let your kid be captivated by its bright colours. Add them to your kids’ pool ball, indoor trampoline, baby paddling pool, bathtub, playmat and let their imagination run wild. BABY FRIENDLY: Packs of different bright coloured balls to choose from White and Blue, Multi-Coloured or Pink and Baby Pink for fun and visually stimulating playdates. Safe and fun for everyone. The diameter (5.5 cm approx.) of our ball pit balls for babies have been designed so every child from a young age can play and use them safely. SMOOTHS EDGES AND CRUSH RESISTANT: Built with the safety of your children in mind, Straame playballs have been polished around the edge for a clean and soft touch. No sharp edges will damage the sensitive skin of your toddler. These multicolour play balls are the perfect size to fit your kid’s grasp. They are made with a chemical-free and long-lasting material to guarantee a worry-free play day. NON-TOXIC MATERIALS: Kids being kids may try to lick and eat the balls but worry not! Straame play balls are made of chemical-free materials—phthalate, BPA and Toxic free. With a 5.5cm diameter, the plastic balls for the ball pit are soft, small enough to hold but large enough not to eat! VIBRANT COLOURS: Straame pit playballs are available in different colours and quantities. Blue and White, Pink and Baby Pink or Multi-Coloured? Keep the kids captivated while rolling around playing games; give them hours and hours and fun while you relax!