Heat Holders - Ladies Neck Warmer


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Heat Holders Neck Warmer

When it gets cold, your neck needs something to protect it from the wind and cold weather.Warmer than a regular scarf and less trouble too, this pretty cable knit Heat Holders neck warmer will keep your neck warm in the winter months.

With its delightfully soft, warm and silky fur-like lining, this neck warmer traps the warm air close to the skin and keeps the neck and surround area insulated from the cold.

The advanced, high performance Heat Holders insulating yarn helps protect against the cold and wicks away moisture to keep you dry and comfortable. The specially sculpted fit of this neck warmer drops low to contour around the chest, neck and chin for extra warmth and protection.

Extra Product Details

- Neck Warmer
- Heat Holders
- Heatweaver fleece lining
- Insulating yarn
- Sculpted to fit neck
- Easier to wear than a scarf
- 7 colours
- One size fits all
- 3.5 Tog